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مهندسی ژئوتکنیک

Geotechnics in Civil Engineering

Soil and foundation engineering is a trend in civil engineering that studies soil properties and soil behaviors under different loads. Given that existing structures are being built on the soil, it can be said that soil and foundation engineering are directly related to structural engineering.

Types of Slab in structure

A reinforced concrete slab is a crucial structural element and is used to provide flat surfaces(floors and ceilings) in buildings. On the basis of reinforcement provided, beam support, and the ratio of the spans,...


Height (the distance) are allowed, particularly in concrete walls and columns how?

In the introduction it must be said in the European concrete regulations, regulations ACI and many prestigious international regulations, a certain height limits for shreh (free fall) have not seen concrete. While at the journal, 55 (technical specifications construction works) and national regulations (the ninth topic) such restrictions and strict type there.